Regions of Georgia



Adjara has a superb reputation as one of the best resort areas, with its warm sub-tropical climate and its mixture of sea and mountain air. It has revitalizing spa waters and some of the best and brightest nightlife on the Black Sea. It is also an ideal destination for eco/agro tourism lovers.

Lower Kartli

Lower Kartli is one of Georgia’s most overlooked treasures. Full of natural beauty and magnificent ancient monuments, as well as archaeological sites and remains, there’s so much for history lovers to absorb. Besides that, the massive natural complex of limestone crevasses and ravines provide one of the most spectacular hiking opportunities in Georgia.


Kakheti is the richest wine-making region of Georgia, inhabited by hospitable and open-hearted people. It has one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes, varying from snow-covered mountain ranges, fertile lowlands, deep valleys and semi-desert areas. The region has a wide cultural heritage with the most cultural monuments of the country concentrated here.


Mtskheta-Mtianeti is one of the most diverse areas in Georgia. Providing spectacular views, the landscape sweeps from the majestic 5000-meter high snowy peaks down to beautiful gorges, secluded lakes and alpine valleys. The region is also known for its numerous monuments and the historical Military Highway.


Racha-Lechkhumi-Lower Svaneti

Racha-Lechkhumi and lower Svaneti is a special, unspoiled and beautiful place in the Caucasus Mountains, full of forests and high alpine meadows. The region is a giant outdoor playground for visitors, but it also contains some remarkable cultural treasures, with churches and monasteries dating back to the middle ages.


Samtskhe-Javakheti is a region that never stops surprising visitors. Whatever you’re searching for, there’s something for everyone: mineral springs, ski resort, ancient cave cities, monasteries, fortresses and the biggest national park in Georgia.

Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti


Tropical summers, mild winters, exotic fruit, hot spicy dishes and unforgettable hosts – Samegrelo is a hard place to leave.


Upper Svaneti

Upper Svaneti has kept a remarkable degree of its original medieval appearance throughout the centuries, which makes it often referred to as the most authentic part of the country. The region is notable for its glaciers and picturesque summits. Small mountain-slope villages, which can contain up to 200 medieval watchtowers, depict the typical landscape of the region.



Imereti was originally part of the ancient Colchis kingdom. A legendary place, well-known for its abundance of gold, it was here that the Argonauts were said to have travelled to find the Golden Fleece. Consequently, the region is famous for its archeological findings and the cultural heritage. Imereti is also rich with karst caves, one of them including footprints of Dinosaurs.


The capital of Georgia – Tbilisi is a significant economic, social, and cultural centre of the country. Located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, along the historic Silk Road routes, the city has for centuries been exposed to transmission of influences from East and West alike. That’s why modern Tbilisi is a vibrant, multicultural and multiethnic city, as well as happening to be one of the top safest cities in the world as well.


Guria is famous for its charming rural villages, health resorts and magnetic sand beaches. Nevertheless, it’s also a haven for lovers of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Inner Kartli

Inner Kartli is Georgia’s heartland. Spreading out across both sides of the Mtkvari valley, the region lies at the foothills of Greater Caucasus and the forested Trialeti Range. This is the perfect region for culture lovers and art historians, as it houses archeological sites and numerous churches famous for its murals.  


Georgia is a country of fascinating landscapes, ancient history and remarkable culture. From snowy peaks to subtropical shores, from semi-arid deserts to rich vineyards and lush forests, from cities to enchanting villages, it is a place where everyone can discover something to his or her liking. Georgia is famous for its warmth and hospitality, wide variety of wines, unique cuisine, and the harmony of polyphonic songs and elegant dances. In Georgia, one will come across an ancient and still flourishing culture filled with churches, fortresses and towers, museums and exhibitions, sulfur baths and local farmers markets. Here, the present co-exists with the past and modernity is fused with traditions. Georgian cultural heritage is rich and complex, shaped by eastern and western ideas and influences.